February 2016

Riva - "Excellent, beautiful cakes sis" Feb 2016

July 2017 Saima

Thankyou my Mum loved the cake & for making this on short notice

Aug 2020 - Anum C (Unicorn cake)

Nyreen I Loved the cake!!! (A)

It was so tasty, Great skills (MA) Thankyou

February 2016

Gemma - "It was really nice, My daughter loved it"

April 2018 - Anum

Thankyou the cake was so tasty, and very beautiful, really lovely thankyou.

Viktoria Sept 2020 - (Digger Cake)

Oh My Gosh, This cake is is amazing!!! we cant stop eating, its the tastiest cake, thankyou!!!

June 2016

Mona - Nyreen, everybody loved the cake. You did a great job. It was a hit. the mini cupcakes gobsmacked everybody. Thankyou xxx  

June 2018 - Shanaz

Thankyou Nyreen, he really loved the Giraffe cake, and the taste was yummy. everyone tried and loved it

Viktoria Sept 2020                                        (2nd cake order - Animal cake)

This cake is perfect. Thankyou.

November 2020 - Varuna

'Thankyou so much, the cake was very nice'

June 2016

Donna - My son is in love with the cake! he said "it will be the best party ever" Thankyou Nyreen

Dec 2018 - Claire

'Wow what a cake! amazing, love the colours, thankyou my daughter loved it!

November 2020 - Saman

JazakAllah, they are delicious. (Vegan cupcakes)

July 2016

 Yaa - "We really loved it, thankyou so much"

Hina -  Feb 2019 

they look shop bought, all the guest complimented your work, and the taste was yummy, thankyou.

December 2020 Varuna

Thankyou, Lovely cake

July 2016

"My son loved it, he loves chocolate cake. Thankyou"

April 2019 - Kalyani

Thankyou Nyreen, for making this at such short notice, my son was very happy.

December 2020 - Nazakat

looks amazing, super excited, was very nice, very delicious mashaaAllah

December 28th 2020 Varuna

Thankyou for the lovely cake, my boy love it..

Feb 2017 - Viktoria

'Thankyou so much for the cake he loved it!'

Dec 2019 - Bharti

My daughter loved the surprise cake, just ready for the party, thankyou.

everyone enjoyed the and the design was lovely, thankyou Nyreen

Jan 2021 Darcey (Treat Box)

Thankyou for organising all this, my friend was chuffed.

May 2017 Liisa 

'Aww it was so lovely i wish i had ordered a bigger size. Thankyou'

Jun 2017 Wedding cake - Talha

'Thankyou so much, everyone complimented your work, was lovely, thankyou so much'

Feb 2020 

"Thankyou so much everybody loved it"  - Bharti, you made it look exactly like the picture